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After paying an order with Tokyo-Pokemon, we will ship the parcel by using the currently available air method. It can be the Japan Post or a private carrier like DHL.
You can see on the table below which carrier is used for each country.

PLEASE NOTE: We can only ship to the countries in the table below.
PLEASE NOTE: We never ship by sea (surface).
PLEASE NOTE: The taxes are not included in the shipping cost.

Country Carrier Minimum cost
Australia Japan Post ¥800
Belgium Japan Post ¥800
Canada DHL ¥3,000
China Japan Post ¥800
Colombia Japan Post ¥800
Czech Republic DHL ¥3,000
France DHL ¥3,000
Germany DHL ¥3,000
Hong Kong Japan Post ¥800
Italy Japan Post ¥1,000
Korea Japan Post ¥800
Malaysia Japan Post ¥800
Mexico Japan Post ¥1,000
Portugal DHL ¥3,000
Singapore Japan Post ¥800
Spain Japan Post ¥800
Switzerland Japan Post ¥1,000
Taiwan Japan Post ¥800
Thailand Japan Post ¥800
United Kingdom DHL ¥3,000
United States of America DHL ¥3,000

The shipping cost are calculated depending on the country to ship and the item quantity, weight and size of the order. The above table shows the carrier we use for each country as well as the minimum cost. It means that whatever you order, the shipping cost will be at least as displayed above.

PLEASE NOTE: In some cases like for orders containing only individual cards, we will ship by letter so the shipping cost might be lower than shown on the above table.
PLEASE NOTE: When an order is shipped by letter, a traking number will be available only for orders with a total price of 4000 yen or more.