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Booster Lotery

Welcome to our exclusive Pokemon Card Booster Pack lottery, where your chance to win rare and valuable packs is just a spin away.
By participating, you can exchange your earned tokens for a shot at a random booster pack shipped right to your doorstep.
Every pack features the most sought-after expansion packs from Japan, ranging from common to extremely rare. With equal odds for every participant, you could be the lucky winner of a rare card that will elevate your collection to new heights.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and play to win big!

How to play?

First of all you need to have an account on tokyo-Pokemon.com and being loged in to start playing. Then, you simply have to click on the play button and pay a token to receive a random Pokemon pack.

How to get tokens?

You can receive tokens when creating an account, placing orders or for some special occasions like our anual sales or promotion campains. You can also buys the tokens at a fixes price.

How do I receive my prizes?

We will ship your prizes directly to your home. Please make sure that your correct shipping address is selected on your prizes list page. the prizes are shipped 2 times per months from Japan.

What are the prizes to win?

You can win all the pack from the Sword & Shiels series released in Japan. It also include the 25th anniversary promo card pack.